A remodel of the Ghosts of the Bayou wing of the Herpetarium building. The Ghosts of the Bayou was a Louisiana reptile exhibit featuring albino American alligators among lizards and snakes, native to the southern United States. Due to growing needs and the need to update an aging exhibit the Alligators were relocated to another zoo and Smaller Indonesian False Gharial Crocodiles replaced them. The new exhibit featured 8 new animals.  I was tasked to budget and design this building wing to transform it from a Louisiana fishing dock to an Indonesian tropical temple. I researched traditional Indonesian art to develop custom tapestries along with fabrication of thatched roofs for the entrance and exits, Indonesian themed lattice work built and installed with my team, along with the development of a color pallet for the new signage developed by our inhouse marketing department. Also worked with the reptile and horticulture departments to theme and add bamboo fencing and new plants to the existing alligator pools.